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Origins and the development of Catharism in Europe

Catharism was one of the most interesting religious movements in the history of Europe. The Cathar beliefs originate in southeastern Europe (Bulgaria) or the Caucasus. Cathars believed that the world was created by a good creator and his evil adversary. The Cathar communities rejected priesthood and sacral buildings. Their societies consisted of ordinary followers leading ordinary lives and male and female ascetics who still worked for their living[1]. Cathars believed in reincarnation and refused to eat meat other than occasional small portions of fish. Their diet was damaging to health and this self-inclicted starvation was pursued intentionally until death occurred and the believer would experience salvation [2]. Cathar beliefs were almost completely opposite to the Roman Catholic Church. They were also antinatalist[3], since they believed that the world is evil and the natural state of a human being is spiritual. This is why they embraced contraception (so no more people are brought to live in the sinful world), euthanasia and suicide. They respected people living in poverty, and believed in not spreading lies, killing nor swearing oaths.



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