Conservative cat

We like some jokes in Liberapedia.

Cats are very much like Liberals. They are one of the most intelligent animals and are correct on nearly anything and everything they do. There are exceptions, see picture.

Cats are small, carnivorous mammals ranging from the smallest Black-Footed Cat to the largest Siberian Tiger. The name "cat" can refer to either one, the domestic cat, or, two, the whole cat family, Pantherinae and Felidae. The domestic cat may sleep for up to sixteen to eighteen hours a day, but don't let that fool you, they are excellent hunters. They can jump nearly nine times their height, paw to ear, and, land on their paws accurately each times. Whenever a cat is upside down, the tiny hairs in their ears notify them by creating a "ringing" sound. Whenever the cat hears the "ringing" sound, they quickly turn their heads, their shoulders follow and so does the rest of the body. ~M.R.B


Cute Kittens are very young cats.

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