Catholic Digest is a right-wing Roman Catholic monthly magazine that tries to come across as neutral but really is more conservative. Its mission statement states that "Catholic Digest unites its readers and their families where they live, love, work, and worship.

Recognizing that God is just as present in the ordinary as the extraordinary, Catholic Digest connects with the joys, struggles, and needs of every person. We welcome everyone who wants to be enriched by the Catholic tradition. Through stories of real people, Catholic Digest demonstrates that a life guided by faith can be exciting, challenging, enlivening, and, ultimately, joyous."

Yeah, right. Like anyone would want to honor the anti-abortion and conservative extremist activist Lila Rose who was given a fair shake and interview in its February 2011 edition. And yet, lots of conservative Catholics and even some conservative non-Catholics threw a fit about Barack Obama giving a very inspiring commencement address at Notre Dame on Sunday May 16, 2009, even talking about ways to decrease abortions and for more civil debates about abortion itself. Obama sounds and acts more Catholic than Rose may claim.


Catholic Digest started in 1936, is based in New London, Connecticut, and puts out 11 issues of its magazine per year.

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