Charles, Prince of Wales is the son of Queen Elizabeth II and direct heir to the United Kingdom throne. He has some good ideas about the Environment but puts Liberals against him because he hunts animals for fun.

Princess DiannaEdit

Prince Charles married a society girl, Princess Diana because he felt it was his duty to marry and provide the United Kingdom with a further heir to the throne. It seems he never really loved Dianna and the marriage became unhappy, the pair were divorced with much publicity. By the time of the divorce Diana had become far more popular than Charles. Diana died tragically and dramatically when a car crashed in a tunnel in Paris with paparazzi chasing Diana. The whole British Royal Family was blamed for the crash including Prince Charles.

Camilla, Duchess of CornwallEdit

After very many years the British public became sufficiently reconciled to Prince Charles so that he could marry his real love who is Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. he was involved with Camilla before during and after the time he was married to Diana.


Charles has two sons, Prince William, heir to the throne (3rd in line) and Prince Harry (4th in line). William (Wills) is popular but Harry gets into immature scrapes from time to time.

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