Some Chavs in their natural habitat. The brave photographer may have risked attack getting the picture.


A chav vehicle.

We exaggerate just a little sometimes.

Chav is a term used in the United Kingdom to describe an unruly youth. The women spend most of their time pushing prams and smoking Tobacco. The men like to walk or drive around the streets thinking they look hard. They have sex from time to time to get babies into the prams.

Chav TransportationEdit

Males are often distinguished by owning really old cars like Vauxhall Novas or Ford Escorts, that they have done "work" to that makes them and their cars look ridiculous! Another example would be a Cycle with no tires on its rims. Chav women are not allowed cars, they catch the bus often with their large prams.


The US equivalent are Urban Rednecks.

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