Cherry picking is a logical fallacy where only evidence that supports a conclusion is presented and evidence that goes against that conclusion is overlooked. Cherry-picking is used very frequently by People involved in Politics. Left Wing and Right Wing people tend to use evidence that supports their cause and overlook what doesn't suit them. [1]

Notable examples Edit

Conservatives point to small numbers of people who succeeded despite a Poor background. Conservatives then try and pretend other poor people are at fault because other poor people didn't escape poverty the way the minority did. This overlooks:

  1. how much easier it is for Rich kids with an expensive Education to succeed.
  2. how much harder it is for poor kids with worse Education to succeed.

Racists point out failing among people of ethnicity they look down on. (Usually these failings are imagined but there can be real problems with individuals or with some cultures.) When racists approve of an ethnicity failings in that ethnicity are overlooked.


  1. If you want to know how Liberals are Subjective you need to look elsewhere.

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