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A piece of chocolate
Main ingredients: Chocolate liquor, cocoa butter for white chocolate, often with added sugar

Chocolate is food product made from the cacao seeds often with added sugar. [1]

Forced labourEdit

There is large scale unpaid Child labor by Children bought and sold as Slaves and forced to work. [2] [3] [4]

If you want to eat chocolate and feel confident about how it's produced you can buy Fair Trade chocolate and look for the Fair Trade logo. In the UK you can get fairly traded chocolate from ordinary shops. Where ever you are you can buy it Online. [5][6]

See alsoEdit


  2. Countries of the Third World
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  4. Bloody Valentine: Child Slavery in Ivory Coast's Cocoa Fields
  5. Buying Fairtrade chocolate makes a huge difference to the lives of cocoa farmers and their families around the world
  6. Chocolate is one of the world’s favourite foods but growing cocoa is a hard task.

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