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Christian Sharia (also known as Christiana Law or Christian Sharia Law) is a law-set involving a nation being under constant, 1984-like Christian law. Christian Sharia already exists, but thankfully not necessarily all over the United States.

Areas That May Be Under Christian Sharia Edit

Guidelines for Christian Sharia Edit

  • Mandatory Church Attendance
  • No movies or TV shows above the PG-Rating (or in some instances the G-Rating)
  • Abstinence-only Sex-ed
  • No Family Guy
  • No South Park
  • No SpongeBob
  • Mandatory school-prayer
  • Must have capital punishment
  • Pornography is illegal and punishable by jail time or even death
  • Homosexuality is illegal and punishable by jail time and death in most cases
  • Must be controlled by a Conservative Party (Such as Republicans or Constitutionalists)
  • In some cases, secular music is banned
  • In some cases, a mandatory curfew for all citizens
  • Men have tons more freedom, abilities and opportunities than women
  • Abortion is illegal and punishable by death
  • Belief of Global warming is heavily looked down upon
  • In some cases, immigration is illegal
  • And much, much more

Lunatics Who are Behind (or want) Christian Sharia Edit

The people in bold are the most dangerous

Opponents of Christian ShariaEdit

See alsoEdit

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