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Christian Sharia (also known as Dominionism or Theonomy) is a law-set involving a nation being under constant, 1984-like Christian law. Christian Sharia already exists, but thankfully not necessarily all over the United States.

Areas That May Be Under Christian Sharia Edit

Guidelines for Christian Sharia Edit

Lunatics Who are Behind (or want) Christian Sharia Edit

The people in bold are the most dangerous

Opponents of Christian ShariaEdit

  • Liberals
  • Liberal Christians (They likely think Christian Sharia is totally un-Christian and unconstitutional.)
  • Moderates
  • Most Libertarians
  • RINO's
  • Sensible people
  • Sociology Professor Sam Richards (Penn State University)
    • Has several videos on his YouTube channel about Christian Sharia law creeping into America, including this one.

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