This page has been missing from Liberapedia for some time. There's a a reason it wasn't here. For many more modern Liberals, the idea of Classical liberalism is repugnant. Only a deluded arch-conservative would try to define a dynamic evolving process as what it was at a given point of time. The idea of Classic Liberalism is Conservative rhetoric in service of a flawed conservative argument. It's Bullshit for bullshitters!

The Classical Liberalism, as these conservatives would define it, completely ignores the Liberal beliefs in civic equality, equality of opportunity, the natural right of self-protection, and in the ongoing pursuit of happiness. What they would have us call Classic Liberalism, if it ever existed, is not Liberalism.

What was reasonable Liberal practice in an evolving Liberal Republican Society may never have been intended to be continued beyond the early stages of the development of that economy or society. It may have been a perfectly acceptable expedient for society and government to grant social or economic privilege to a man or group of men in order that they serve the needs of a developing society or economy. It was never intended that those privileges be perpetual! To define Liberalism based upon those temporary grants of privilege, no matter how those privileges have been corruptly extended is unjust and inexcusable.

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