Coffee is a caffeine containing cherry like nut that grows on trees. It is most widely used as a brown liquid beverage, but can be used in cakes and confectionery. People usually get it at work for free and pay a premium at "coffee bars" to enjoy a burnt water with tons of fattening cream and sugar.

Originally from Yemen and or the horn of Africa, nowadays Coffee beans come from places like all the tropical South American countries, Eastern and some Central Africa, and parts of Asia.

Coffee is a perennial crop that takes years to establish. Cultivation and harvesting is labour intensive so it is usually grown in poor countries where there is a rich landed aristocracy and a population in poverty.

Republican racist Neocons created trade deals that benefit only the land owners in those countries. Meanwhile the poor peasants who grow the coffee may not have enough to educate all their Children or even to feed all their children. Migrant workers in the coffee industry are even worse off, many have poor housing and poor sanitation, they may be required to work with dangerous pesticides, wages are low and Child labor is common. [1]

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