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Conan O'Brien (born 1963) is an American Television comedy talk show host. He is also an Emmy award-winning writer and was involved in writing, The Simpsons. [1]

O'Brien on The Tonight ShowEdit

But they wanted me to wait five years to be the host of ‘The Tonight Show.’ And in 2004, 2009 sounded absurdly far away. I thought that in 2009, we’d be flying around with jet packs and our dinners would be in pill form. It was like being given a car when you’re 11 years old and being told, When you’re 16, you get to drive it. So I put my blinders on, and I went back to work. And, then, two years ago, I began to feel the barometric pressure changing. When it was a year away, I sat bolt upright in my bed. And now. . . And now, we’re stuck between two worlds. We’re putting on a show here while we’re imagining another show there. (Conan O'Brien) [2]


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