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Virginia 38

The Confederate States broke away from the Union during the American Civil War because they wanted to keep owning black slaves. Confederate States were also Slave states. The Confederate states were, in order of secession, South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina and Tennessee.

Slave owners wanted to keep their property and this was of paramount importance to the Confederacy.

  1. The Confederate States supported the right of Federal Government of the United States to protect their property, ie maintain slavery. Confederate States agreed with state rights if that helped them to keep their human property, ie slaves.
  2. The Confederate States wanted to deny the Federal Government power to abolish slavery. Confederate States disagreed with state rights if that hindered them over keeping slaves, one reason for the secession was that Northern States allowed anti-slavery groups to operate.
Confederate States

Map of the CSA.

Slave states were states in the United States of America where slavery was legal before the American Civil War. Surprise surprise, these states are now oppressive Red States now and are in the Bible Belt.

There were other issues but slavery was the most important.

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