Virginia 38

The Confederate flag is a flag of the Confederate States of America that represents the "good ol' southern pride" to Enslave African-Americans. Southern states began to fly the flag in response to the desegregation movement as a "Fuck You" to blacks across the USA. Yet everyone chooses to ignore this fact and that The South literally rebelled against the United States. A treasonous flag represents "pride" for one's Country in the mind of Hillbillies everywhere.

More seriously, the Confederate flag that's in the news in 2015 wasn't really the flag of the CSA, it was one of the battle flags of the CSA. The actual Confederate flags, sometimes known as the Stars and Bars, bore a striking resemblance to a state flag several state flags that still flies fly over one several of the USA's more conservative states. Several other State flags contain all or part of the Confederate Battle Flag which was recently removed from the South Carolina State House.

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