Conservapedia courses are programs for students on the right-wing nutjob site Conservapedia. They are taught by faux professor Andy Schlafly and can range from subjects such as American History, and American Government. But to give them some credit, they did do a World History course, but again it primarily focused on America. Arsefly claims that these courses, including the lectures and homework most students could answer without even reading the lecture will prepare them for harder courses. The collected body of lectures, Arsefly claims, are better than the leading concise textbooks because they contain half the content. Good logic!

He also claims that the course will help them to pass leading American college exams. That is not so. His lectures and exams are extremely easy and general and the easy multiple choice finals will help no one with an AP exam. In other words, by only using this course as experience, the student will be poorly equipped for exams.

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