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The Conservative Monday Club is run by an eight-strong Executive Council. Co-founders: Paul L. H. Bristol, Ian Greig, Cedric Gunnery, Anthony Maclaren and Angus Nicol President: Viscount (John) Massereene and Ferrard (former Patron, Right Now! magazine, who is on record as saying: “If you say I am a racist, yes I certainly am and proud of it”, [1]
Conservative Monday Club (also called the Monday Club) is a racist, semi-fascist (Don't forget Godwin's law) hate-mongering group in the United Kingdom. Formed in 1961 by four young homophobic conservatives, it is a simple manifestation of the evil conservative fascist movement in various parts of the world. It opposes the opposition to racism and imperialism.

They hate everyone who is not rich, they hate everyone who is not white, and they've slandered Winnie Mandela, who is black. The organization is made up of the ultra-orthodox fraction constituting approximately three thousand members and supporters of the Conservative Party. Criticized by both liberals and conservatives, the organization promotes hatred for back people; it hates black immigrants and tries to drive them out of the country. They're trying to do something about the racism.


  1. Conservative Monday Club

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