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Conservative Wiki is a Wiki that isn't quite as crazy as Conservapedia.

Who runs itEdit

Conservative Wiki is run by Neocon Omashu Rocks. Omashu Rocks is joined in Conservative strength by fellow user Mama Grizzly, who often stands up for Conservative women (not the successful ones like Thatcher and Rice, but the really stupid ones like Palin and Bachmann).

Why a Conservative Wiki?Edit

Why does Conservative Wiki exist? We already have Conservapedia. The answer is very likely that Andrew Schlafly and the other Conservapedia Sysops are so overbearing and so silly that even other Conservatives want a wiki that's independent of them.

Conservatives and libertarians fleeing from the rest of the liberal internet at first come to Conservapedia in hopes that it's a beacon of refuge, only to be disappointed. Ameriwiki and Conservative Wiki were offshoots created as alternatives to the hostile control-freakery rampant on Conservapedia by the likes of Andrew Schlafly and his henchmen.[1] Usually conservative wikis aren't as populated or regimented as Conservapedia, and fail due to an influx of vandals trolling them. If Conservapedia remains as the only Conservative encyclopedia, there is a risk that the conservatives will become more extreme due to a lack of dilution of their beliefs.


Conservative wiki, while you will never hear these arguments from conservatives in real life, shows what they really think inside.

Their article includes

They unofficially accepted the GOP platform as their own.

In conclusion, they are a bit like a conservative version of Liberapedia.

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