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Conservative values refers to the value system commonly held by conservatives. Conservative values stand in stark opposition to liberal values and thus reject those things which liberals hold to be dear and true. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Failure to warn people, particularly youngsters, about the harm caused by a lack of, or turning ones backs upon, liberal values.
  • Censorship of ideas that run contrary to conservative ideology. E.g., Conservative pundits protest or disrupt liberal guest speakers on talk shows.
  • A desire for nepotism and keeping it in the family as opposed to equal opportunity.
  • To say "yes" is tantamount to being a commie.
  • Making idiotic rules that don't help anyone and are based on nothing, like making cannabis and gay marriage illegal.
  • Bigotry, an almost uniquely conservative trait.
  • Confusing separation of church and state with persecution of Christians.
  • A willingness to excuse any aggressive and irreverent behavior in their own country, while harshly criticizing others.
  • Being ultra-materialistic, whilst at the same time claiming moral authority.
  • Contempt for [[[university|academic]] authority.
  • Mistaking Iron Age mythology for science.

In general, conservative values tend to undermine civil rights and society, and in certain instances can cause irreparable harm to the lives of individuals who are brought under their sway.

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