Cooler Heads Coalition denies global warming and produce false documents to mislead people regarding the science of global warming. They're is based in the United States, they're financed and run by the Competitive Enterprise Institute. [1] [2] They were founded in the 1990's and were then closely tied to industry based organisations resisting consumer protection. They're currently linked to CFACT, the Competitive Enterprises Institute, the Heartlands Institute and the Marshal Institute. [3]

Fossil fuel vested interestsEdit

Cooler Heads Coalition has been criticized for connections with Fossil fuel industries that stand to lose profit if fossil fuel use is regulated. If the United States passes legislation aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions this would affect friends of Cooler Heads in the energy industries. [4] Mother Jones has accused the Coalition of astroturfing (funding fake grassroots organisations).[5] For example, writing in October 2004 for The American Prospect, Nicholas Confessore described the Coalition as "an Astroturf group funded by industries opposed to regulation of Co2 emissions".[6]

Note: Free market doesn't work to control pollution since spewing out pollutants costs a company nothing. Carbon dioxide is a pollutant and needs regulation like other pollutants. Protecting the planet from Carbon dioxide emissions can only be done through legal controls, through Regulated markets, through Taxing those who emit Co2, subsidizing Renewable energy and similar measures. This is something Cooler Heads Coalition and their sponsors at the Competitive Enterprise Institute try to overlook as that risks cutting their profits.

Denialist think tanks and moreEdit

Cooler Heads Coalition is basically a committee that takes the output of the bullshit factory that comprises various denialist think tanks and funnels it into a single propaganda outlet (their Web site) and hypes denialist petitions. Cooler Heads Coalition features people like Richard Lindzen, they hosted Lindzen's lectures more than once. [7] How does Lindzen react when vital parts of Scientific data go what Cooler Heads Coalition tries to promote? Well he just ignores it. Lindzen has been called a Climate Misinformer. [8]


Naturally Cooler Heads Coalition try to obscure their connections to the fossil fuel industries. [9]

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