Cycling is a most efficient mode of transport for those who are young, fit and healthy and is good for the environment as it doesn't use fossil fuel or add to Global warming. older people can cycle too.

Cycling is considered by many to be quite a slow way to travel, however in many metropolitan areas filled with traffic it can be one of the fastest way to get around, in extremely busy areas it can be much faster, there is nothing a cyclist likes more than over taking cars stuck in miles of traffic! Many people also have the false belief that cycling is quite difficult and that you need to be really fit to do it, when actually many people make cycling much harder for some or all of the following reasons:

  • Poorly maintained often rusty or dirty drivechain (chain and gears)
  • Using a bike with unnecessary suspension especially rear suspension. [1]
  • Owning an extremely cheap and heavy bike.
  • Peddling in an inappropriate fashion and/or on pedals that get slippery when wet
  • Wearing inappropriate clothing that has a lot of wind resistance and restricts movement
  • Running the tires at low pressures 50Psi+ is best on the road.

Some or all of these factors can lead to a miserable cycling experience.


  1. A bike is a two wheeled form or transport, they come in two varities engine and pedal powered varieties.

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