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DarkMatter2525 is a popular YouTuber. DarkMatter creates comedy videos that poke fun at Christianity, and many of its Fundamentalist followers. The two main characters are Yahweh, or God and Jeffery, an Angel. God is portrayed as pompous, lazy, stubborn, and unwilling to believe he is anything but perfect. Jeffery frequently attempts to highlight the flaws in his master's plans, but God simply refuses to believe anything he is capable of is less than perfect. Despite Jeffery's best attempts at reasoning with him, God remains extremely uncompromising and reluctant to change. Also portrayed are Jesus and Not-Muhammad (Muhammad is portrayed as a structure of "Censored" boxes showing the rough outline of a person, as it is considered blasphemy to portray Muhammad in Islam.) Jeffery's arguments include that the Animals on Noah's arc would not survive the journey, and God's plan about Adam and Eve are inconsistent with Logic. Some of his videos are shown below.

DarkAntics Edit

DarkMatter2525 has made a channel known as "DarkAntics" where he aims video messages towards all religious people. He sends speeches against Christians and Muslims. One of his most popular videos is "Atheist for a day". In this video he speaks about a mad Christian in New York who claimed it was the end days in 2005. The Christian was ridiculed. Most religious people roasted the claims as well believing that they were mad and laughing at him. DarkMatter2525 explains why he believes religious people laughed. He states that they are laughing at themselves because this is the way atheists see religious people every day of the year and then calls the Christians who laughed "Atheists for a day". He then goes on to explain religious people exist to be atheist entertainment and brings up how he and a group of agnostic friends always meet occasionally to talk about the most dumb things they have seen religious people do since they last met. They do this for fun and to laugh.
The Thing That God Can't Do06:53

The Thing That God Can't Do

Atheist Comedy - The Great Flood06:22

Atheist Comedy - The Great Flood

Atheist Comedy - Intelijunt Dezine07:20

Atheist Comedy - Intelijunt Dezine

Comedy for Atheists Let God Sort Them Out09:42

Comedy for Atheists Let God Sort Them Out

If God Were a Firefighter02:19

If God Were a Firefighter

Atheist Comedy - God's Priorities03:58

Atheist Comedy - God's Priorities

Atheist Comedy Fine-Tuned Universe05:02

Atheist Comedy Fine-Tuned Universe

Atheist Comedy - The Meaning of Life03:53

Atheist Comedy - The Meaning of Life

If Jesus was a Conservative05:54

If Jesus was a Conservative

Christian Justice06:29

Christian Justice

Atheist Comedy - Everyone's a Sinner04:59

Atheist Comedy - Everyone's a Sinner



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