Das Boot is a German film about the U-boat campaign in World War II. Unlike most films until that time, it focused on the Germans and portrayed them in a sympathetic light. Despite conservative protests (who hate seeing enemies in a sympathetic light), the film was a massive critical and financial success, launching the careers of several German actors. Loosely based on an actual patrol, the film is the sum of all U-boat patrols in World War II.


In a time when the war is turning against Germany, the crew of U-96 sets sail from their base in Occupied France. Their mission is simple: find any enemy ship and sink them, take no prisoners (due to the lack of space). The crew consists of a battle-hardened Captain, a quiet Chief Engineer tormented by the uncertain fate of his wife, a proud Nazi First Officer, a comical Second Officer, and the reporter Lieutenant Werner. During the voyage, Werner learns the difficulties of being at sea. They sink a few ships, but are forced to abandon survivors. Later U-96 is ordered on a suicide run through Gibraltar, which they barely manage to survive. As they return home, the base is bombed by the Allies. Several crewmen are killed and the film ends with the Captain and Werner watching U-96 sink at the dock.

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