David Berlinski (born 1942 in New York City) is an American educator and author of books on mathematics. He is a leading critic of evolution within the intelligent design movement and author of numerous articles on the topic. Berlinski is a secular Jew and (probably) dishonestly describes himself as agnostic, either he is lying about being an agnostic or he is really that stupid.

Berlinski, along with fellow Discovery Institute associates Michael Behe and William A. Dembski, tutored Ann Coulter on science and evolution for her book Godless: The Church of Liberalism.[1] Approximately one-third of the book is devoted to polemical attacks on evolution, which Coulter, as Berlinski often does, terms "Darwinism."[1]

The Jewish people include sensible liberals and silly over the top fundamentalists as do Christians.


  1. Coulter, Ann, Godless: The Church of Liberalism. From the book jacket: "I couldn't have written about evolution without the generous tutoring of Michael Behe, David Berlinski, and William Dembski, all of whom are fabulous at translating complex ideas, unlike liberal arts types, who constantly force me to the dictionary to relearn the meaning of quotidian."

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