Made of money.

Here we're parodying Conservapedia and we know we're exaggerating.

David Hamilton Koch (pronounced like Coke) is a useless rich guy.  He lives in a castle made out of money in Neverland surrounded by pixie-fairies and slaves (they work during the day as Republican congressmen.)  He has to pay rent on his castle, but would rather spend it on ballerinas.  Never mind that his castle is made of money and he could spend it on both.  But because he's afraid of the landlord he uses the money his castle is made of make the rent down. 

Meanwhile, everybody without a castle made of money is starving while Charles has a feast in his castle made of money.  Not only that, he destroys the environment and makes life harder for their grandchildren.

He keeps his slaves in line by paying them only if they sign no-tax pledges.

He has a brother, Charles Koch who lives in a castle made of money down the road.  According to RationalWiki, philanthropy by the Koch brothers is largely fake. [1]

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  1. Koch Industries

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