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Dmitry Medvedev (pronounced "D'meetree M'edvidyev") is the current Prime Minister of Russia. [1]


Medvedev was elected in Russia as the successor to the previous president Vladimir Putin in 2008. He was endorsed not just by the ruling United Russia party, but also by the left-wing Fair Russia and minor Argarian and Green parties. He won the election by 72% of the vote; while certain manipulation almost certainly was involved, the overall result still reflected the will of the people and correlated with the high support expressed for him in the pre-election polls. The large-scale manipulation still shows lack of respect for democracy.

During his term in office, Vladimir Putin was assigned as the Prime Minister; relatively little changed in the actual policies, as Medvedev basically continued leading the same course Putin did.

Second South Ossetia War Edit

This conflict had began with the invasion of the independent South Ossetia by the forces of neighboring Georgia. It began with the night-time bombardment of Ossetia's capital Tskhinvali, which, coupled with the fighting next day, took lives of 160- 320 people. Medvedev, only several months into his presidency, quickly responded with his military and as the result the war had only lasted for five days before the peace treaty was signed by the then-Georgian President Saakashvili.

In 2010, Medvedev and Obama have signed the third treaty for nuclear disarmament, which had reduced the overall number of warheads and strategic bombers/intercontinental missiles available to the superpowers to 1550 and 700 respectively. This is still far too high, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

In his last year, the police force was renamed from "militsiya" (militia) into "police"; while the police reform was touted by his supporters as one that would bring lots of changes to the corrupt law enforcement system, practically nothing happened at all.

Current positionEdit

After Vladimir Putin won the 2012 presidential election, Dmitry Medvedev changed seats with him, becoming the Prime Minister instead.

Sources Edit

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