A Bottlenose dolphin.

Dolphins come from Miami and other places round the world and generally are this annoying gorgeous teal color, which ticks off some cetaceans who happen to live near the Dolphins.

Dolphin wooEdit

Lots of woo floats around about dolphins, perhaps because they constantly smile, perhaps because they sing.

At the same time, social and religious conservatives hate dolphins because they are proof that sex for pleasure is completely natural. (Though they're also proof that icky things like incest, rape, and inter-species sex are natural too.) Although conservatives hating an animal that seemingly goes to war with other dolphins[1] and on humanity's behalf, (to the New Agers' consternation),[2] Seems a little illogical.


Whales and dolphins were created on the 5th day and land animals were created on the 6th day a few thousand years ago, we know because Genesis says so. The Bible proves Evilutionists are wrong when they say land animals were their ancestors.

Dolphins evolved from land mammals diverging from other mammals just under 50 million years ago. [3]

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Adapted from RationalWiki

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