Donald John Trump (trying to look impressive)
Donald TrumpLate2017
Mr. Trump smiling during his presidency
Political party: Republican Party (2012–present; 2009–11; 1987–99)

Previous affiliations: Independent (2011–12) Democratic Party (Before 1987; 2001–09) Reform (1999–2001)

Religion: Presbyterian (Pretends to be Evangelical)
Education Fordham University

University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School

Other names The Donald, The Trumpster, Donald Duck, The Orange

Superior Name: Trump Toad

Nationality American

This community (....) in western Oregon, has historically been a charming, friendly and welcoming community. But in the middle of a physics class at the high school one day this spring, a group of white students suddenly began jeering at their Latino classmates and chanting: “Build a wall! Build a wall!” The same white students had earlier chanted “Trump! Trump! Trump!” Soon afterward, a student hung a homemade banner in the school reading, “Build a Wall,” prompting Latinos at area schools to stage a walkout.[1]

Donald John "The Donald" Trump [2] is the 45th and current President of the United States. Trump is an alt-right narcissist.

Trump is accused of an opportunistic and Fascist agenda [3] and is said to have something in common with Fascism. [4] Many have attributed this to his to extreme nationalistic ideals, thus Trump gets endorsements from many hate groups. [5] There is even a suggestion that Trump might be in the early stages of Alzheimer [6] [7]. Trump won the election, He took the office on January 20, 2017. Trump won with 306 electoral votes as opposed to better candidate Hillary Clinton's 232. However, seven faithless electors showed up on Monday, December 19, making the result as follows:

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|Candidate |EVs |% |- | | | |- |Donald Trump |304 |56.5% |- |Hillary Clinton |227 |42.2% |- |Colin Powell (Washington State) |3 |0.006% |- |Faith Spotted Eagle (Washington State) |1 |0.002% |- |Ron Paul (Texas) |1 |0.002% |- |John Kasich (Texas) |1 |0.002% |- |Bernie Sanders (Hawaii) |1 |0.002% |}


Trump looks like a Misogynist as he referred to Women as disgusting Animals Dogs, Fat Pigs, slobs.[8] Even many Conservatives and Republicans turned against Trump after he apparently suggested Megyn Kelly, a lady journalist from Fox News was menstruating. [9] Despite all the misogyny Sarah Palin really likes Trump. [10]

Organized crimeEdit

Trump is accused of links to the Mafia and organised crime dating back decades. [11] Trump has dragged his feet over releasing his tax returns and that leads to fears those returns could show the extent of his dealings with criminals. [12]

Birth Edit

Just for fun
He claims to be born in New York. Trump needs to show his birth certificate because he did something no New Yorker should ever do, especially in NYC. [13] [1] In fact, he could actually be from Scotland.

Trouble in ScotlandEdit

The Scottish government approved an offshore wind farm which should provide renewble power and reduce Carbon dioxide emissions. Trump doesn't like it because he thinks it will spoil the view of Rich people who use a golfing complex he financed. That's right! Giving rich golfers a pleasant view matters more than reducing Global warming for everyone. Even the UK can't avoid Trump. [14] Trump already lost earlier legal action but plans to go to the European Court if necessary. This silliness looks like dragging on.

Once again the courts have seen through Trump’s flimsy, misguided attempts to frustrate Scotland’s ambition to create clean power and green jobs. It’s now time for Mr Trump to stop wasting any more time and money on this case (Green Energy Campaign Group).

This spurious legal action has gone on too long already, and we cannot allow Trump’s inflated ego to delay our renewables industry a moment longer. (Scottish Green Party leader).



Pope FrancisEdit

Pope Francis said someone who only wants to build walls and does not build bridges isn't a Christian. [16] Trump was nasty to the pope too. [17] 22% of USA residents say they are Roman Catholics while just under half are connected to Catholics. [18] So large numbers of Americans pay attention to what the pope says.

Famous Trump SupportersEdit

This is a list of people that "stump" for Trump

Trump and Christian Sharia Edit

When The Donald first got elected in November, most thought that all he'd do to shit on secular values was just get rid of the Johnson Amendment. However, when he started to form his cabinet, it was made extremely clear that he also pandered to the group who want America to be under Christian Sharia when he chose Betsy DeVos and Jeff Sessions. Most people on both sides of the spectrum think Betsy DeVos only wants to get rid of Public schools to fund both Private and Charter schools. However, people on Liberapedia are smarter than that, because we know she is a Fundamentalist. And what do all fundamentalists want in terms of education? Mandatory school prayer! Not to mention he tried to have Jerry Falwell Jr. be the Secretary of Education, but he declined. However he apparently did accept an offer to be one of the leaders led by DeVos in February 2017.

On March 4, 2017, Secular Talk uploaded a video entitled The Left Is Using 'Demons' & 'Witches' Against Trump! This video showed clips of Pat Robertson, Bryan Fischer and Alex Jones accusing the Left of using "demons from Hell" to stop Trump in his tracks, as well as Hillary Clinton practicing "black magic" and "witchcraft". Alex Jones then went on to blame the 2010 Haiti Earthquake and Hurricane Katrina on the so-called "black magic".

Things Trump LikesEdit

Things Trump HatesEdit


  • Trump gives Narcissism a bad name!
  • Trump says he has a BIGGG Penis. [29] It's easy to make grandiose claims like that but now someone called Larry Flynt has asked the Trump to show us! [30]
  • Trump rode a bulldozer with his Father when he was five years old.[31] This must be why he wants to build a wall as Little Donnie always wanted to build big things so he sought world domantion by flooding America with tall towers that feature a big fat S & running for president 64 years later.
  • In 2016 Trump said that he may halt U.S. oil purchases from Saudi Arabia until they provide troops to fight ISIS.[32]
  • In 2018 Trump announced that the United States sold Norway "F-52s jets" when he meant to say that The United States sold Norway 52 F-35 jets[33]
  • On January 11 2018 Trump called Haiti & Africa "Shit-hole countries" which has erupted in controversy[34]



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