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DragonForce is a British power metal band formed in 1999. They were originally known as DragonHeart. They have 3 albums, "Valley of the Damned", "Sonic Firestorm", and "Inhuman Rampage". With such a diverse group of members (only 2 of the 6 members are actually British) they must have members of all different political views, but it really doesn't matter because they are a band, solely focused on making Music. They are known for their extremely fast guitar solos, which are so Cool. Dragonforce uses fantasy themes in their lyrics and also used a great deal of electronic sound.

Current membersEdit

  • ZP Theart
  • Herman Li
  • Sam Totman
  • Vadim Pruzhanov
  • Dave Mackintosh
  • Frédéric Leclercq

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