1. the state of being dual or consisting of two parts; division into two.
  2. Philosophy.
    1. the view that there are just two mutually irreducible substances.
    2. the view that substances are either material or mental.
  3. Theology.
    1. the doctrine that there are two independent divine beings or eternal principles, one good and the other evil.
    2. the belief that a human being embodies two parts, as body and soul[1]

Dualism is the name given to a false belief system.

What dualism may beEdit

Many religions include two divine or supernatural beings, one good the other evil. Dualism involving God and Satan in Christianity and dualism between Allah and Shaitan in Islam are examples. Religious dualism can lead to irrational Stereotypeing. Basically if something is good then the opposite of that good thing may be assumed to be be evil. For example

  1. Misogynists may believe that if men are good then women being the counterpart must be evil.
  2. Misandrists may make a different unreasonable assumption that all men are intrinsically bad.

Conservapedia is a good example of this possibly dualist point of view, they believe that conservatives are all good and the opposite of conservatives, so called Liberals, must all be evil. They will often accuse people we all know to be evil of being liberals despite the fact that those people have few or no liberal beliefs at all.

Then Humans are prone to irrational stereotyping. Perhaps this type of thinking would happen anyway without dualism encouraging it.


  1. dualism

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