Dungeons and Dragons (also known as D&D) is a role-playing game. It consists of a dungeon master and roughly four to six players. The dungeon master arranges the game beforehand, determining where they are and what could happen if the players take various decisions. During gameplay, the players assume the roles of fictional characters from monks to knights to bards (quite useless characters, those bards). The dungeon master takes on the roles of the opponents bystanders and potential allies that the players meet, and has the players take part in multiple tests, and the story line develops as the players take decisions in the context of the world that the Dungeon master depicts for them. Unlike most other games, Dungeons and Dragons works best if the characters cooperate and work as a team instead of competing against each other.

The game has a variety of races that players can choose to play as. These are mostly inspired from Lord of the Rings races such as elves and hobbits (called halflings to prevent a lawsuit).


Conservative Christians often see D&D as a gateway drug to Satanic worship and suicide. Of course, Conservative Christians have never been much fun or had much use for imagination. One critic was Dr. Thomas Radecki, who went insane during the 1990s. Besides, out of the millions of people who play every week, only a small handful actually come to harm.

But Conservatives are probably more concerned that D&D is usually set in a fantasy world where religion is for real, clerics have healing power that actually works, Gods and demons exist, Holy water damages evil things and prayers sometimes get answered. This all makes a rather unsubtle point about the world we live in, in which as Conservatives know, they can enter real world churches with impunity and approach and even touch crosses without being damaged by them. In our world, some Conservatives have even been known to eat garlic.[citation needed]

D&D has inspired a wide range of roleplaying games, such as Star Trek, vampires, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, or even maids.

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