The E-Meter works in a similar way to a Lie detector and like a lie detector it’s sometimes wrong. The subject, pre-clear in Scientology Jargon holds tin cans while the auditor reads the dial to find out the subject’s reactions. The subject may grip the tin cans that are part of the E-Meter more tightly or develop measurable skin reactions when stressed. Sometimes the E-Meter works but other times it doesn’t.

L. Ron Hubbard insisted that the E-Meter is infallible and for Scientologists L. Ron Hubbard was infallible, therefore Scientologists imagine the E-Meter is accurate all the time.

Reliably the E-Meter gets suckers to pay out yet more money to the Scientology cult. The E-Meter is reliable in that one way only. E-Meters that cost $12.50 to build were sold for in $162; in 1963. Since then prices have of course risen.


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