Edmund Burke
Edmund Burke
Mr. Burke
Era: Eighteenth century philosophy
Education: Trinity College, Dublin
Religion Church of Ireland
Born January 12 1729
Died July 9 1797 (aged 68)

Edmund Burke (1729-1797) was a British and Irish political writer and member of the Whig party. Burke was born in Ireland but moved to England and later became a member of the English House of Commons. Burke opposed attempts by George III to extend his power.

Burke also called for a flexible approach to the American colonies taking the wishes of the colonists into consideration. [1] Burke supported the American Revolution but opposed the French Revolution which he saw as mob rule. Thomas Paine disagreed with Burke. Burke believed in, 'continuity, tradition, rank and property'. [2] Burke may have been a Classical liberal but he certainly wasn't a Liberal as we understand Liberalism today.


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