An African Elephant.

The elephant is the symbol for the Republican Party. Democrats think Republicans are large, slow, lumbering and incompetent.

Both donkeys and elephants are used for transportation, but elephants are less "fuel efficient", like republican SUV's.

Elephants are beautiful animals and are also intelligent though they aren't intelligent enough to run a Superpower like the USA. Elephants are where ivory comes from. Harvesting ivory is extremely cruel and unnecessary, making this animal a fitting mascot for Republicans. Elephants also get enraged easily and will trample anything in their way when enraged.

Elephants are large Mammals. There are Asian elephants, and the African elephants. Elephants don't have any natural predators due to their size and they are very deadly. Only the old, sick, young, or badly injured are predated. Elephants have thick hide like hippopotamuses and rhinoceroses. African Elephants average 11 ft in height and 12,000 pounds and Asian Elephants typically reach 9 ft in height and 6,000 pounds. Elephants are proven to be incredibly intelligent and also cause many deaths in Africa and Asia. Rarely, elephants will plan raids on villages together and steal and eat as much crops as they can. Elephants are much faster than the average human. Elephants will often do warning charges before doing the actual charge in attempt to kill their target. Elephants have effective ways of defence such as tight herd formations. Therefore predators go after elephants with vulnerabilities (Sickness, bad injury, young, old, etc...) at night since elephants are blind at night and they will be unable to see and effectively repel the predators. Unfortunately, the tusks on the elephant are extremely valuable in the black market. Poachers will use incredibly powerful, high-caliber rifles that are commonly called "elephant guns" which are powerful enough to kill a large elephant in a single shot to the head and other very vital parts. Most elephant species are in need of an action to be taken upon in defence of these epic creatures to prevent from becoming endangered or critically endangered.

Back then there were war elephants that were used to smash through enemy formations and due to size and thick hide, they were impervious to most weapons. They would also terrify enemy horses due to the scent so they would route them. At the same time, elephants get enraged easily and would run amok and destroy their own comrades when enraged.

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