Energy is hard to describe, but is generally described as a spiritual, physical, or mental force that keeps things running over time. Energy is used to power the device that you are reading this article on, the computer that I am typing this on, and even your body and mind.

Mental Energy Edit

Mental energy is the force that allows you to push yourself really hard in places like school and work. It also keeps people alive by making sure their body does not shut down and the human's ability to exploit its properties allows us to do wonderful things and build off of each other's ideas.

Physical Energy Edit

Physical energy is the energy in your computer, phone, car, tablet, and even your body. This energy is very useful to keep things running (including us) in the real world.

The Dark Side of Physical Energy Edit

Sadly, most physical energy (at least in the US) comes from fossil fuels, which are very bad for the environment and atmosphere. There is a lot of energy from the sun that has not been tapped to its full potential, thanks to the Koch Brothers. Even more sadly, the state of Wyoming bans energy from solar and wind.