England is the largest Country in the United Kingdom. They've been around for quite some time.

English CountiesEdit

England is made up of 83 separate counties some are listed below;

Musical Influences Edit

It should be mentioned that the world's greatest musical influences have come this small province, almost an unbelievably high percentage of them. Most notably Led Zeppelin, the greatest four musicians to ever grace the Earth with their presence. Actually, The Beatles, from the city of Liverpool. Other memorable British bands include The White Stripes(!?!?), and the Rolling Stones.

English SportsEdit

The English enjoy playing and watching a lot of sports. The main sports enjoyed in England include football (or soccer), tennis, rugby, and cricket.

Ironically, many sports which originated in England, or developed in England, are now sports which the English generally suck at. Examples include: cricket, football and tennis.

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