English is the language that originated in England and also refers to other aspects of England.

English languageEdit

English is the language spoken in the United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand and other English speaking nations. Wait a moment! You knew that! This article is written in English. They speak different dialects of English in the United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand and different English speaking nations. People tend to think their own dialect is better than the others though they can't all be right.

Many people learn to speak English as a second language because English is very widely spoken and important on the Internet. English may become the official language of the European Union. [1] [2]

UK EnglishEdit

There are words in UK English that people outside the UK may not easily understand. If UK people feel like using those words Online it's a good idea to include a link to a definition of the word in an online dictionary so readers outside the UK can understand and learn that word.

American EnglishEdit

American English is heavily promoted on TV, through Films (Movies), through American Music, through popular culture generally. People outside the USA can understand a great deal of American English.

English peopleEdit

English people are people who were born in England and live there. England is part of the UK.

What’s generally EnglishEdit

The English flag is the flag of St. George.
English roses are roses that grow wild in England, roses bred in England, roses that are part of English culture.
English bluebells are a type of wild hyacinth native to England. Many other items can be added to the list of English things.

Spelling Differences Edit

Some spellings differ between the United States and other English-Speaking countries. One example being the "or/our" and "ize/ise" suffixes. Words ending in "er" in America are many times spelled with an "re" suffix in the UK and other European countries [3]. We at Liberapedia accept both forms of spelling.

American Spelling British/Rest of English-World Spelling
Accessorize Accessorise
Airplane Aeroplane
Almanac Almanack
Balk Baulk
Behavior Behaviour
Behoove Behove
Check Cheque
Color Colour
Enroll Enrol
Esophagus Oesophagus
Feces Faeces
Fetus Foetus
Filter Philtre
Glamor Glamour
Installment Instalment
Jail Gaol
Medieval Mediaeval
Mustache Moustache
Pedophile Paedophile
Phony Phoney
Pizzazz Pzazz
Plowmen Ploughmen
Program Programme (both versions are used in the UK)
Secularize Secularise
Sulfur Sulphur
Tire (Vehicle) Tyre
Theater Theatre (can be used interchangeably)
Wagon Waggon
Yogurt Yoghurt


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