Here we're parodying Conservapedia and we know we're exaggerating.

The English Defence League is a far right and decidedly racist organisation formed in 2009 that assumes anyone who isn't the colour of egg whites is a threat to the (enter nonsense here) of the United Kingdom and should be burned at the stake deported or otherwise.

The group's main policy points include:

  • The "Islamification" of the UK is spreading and must be stopped at all costs.
  • All muslims want to introduce Sharia Law to the United Kingdom.
  • Sharia Law is written inherently into Islam and all Muslims believe in it and agree with everything the religion is wrongly perceived to represent no matter who insinuated it in the first place.
  • All Muslims hate British troops and should therefore have frozen sausages thrown at them (that actually happened).

For Comedic ReliefEdit

Thankfully, as much as the group would have you believe the opposite, the organisation is only able to recruit those who have hit the loony tree "more than seven times". This means their "fanbase" is relatively small and we can simply enjoy the comedy their incredibly misfounded viewpoint provides.

For example:

  • The league seems to feel able to call other groups "the new Nazis"[1] despite the clear and profound similarities between the opression the group promotes and the Nazi party of WWII.
  • According to Wikipedia[2] "the EDL's political direction is being debated within the group" despite the blatant and oppressive views of the group as a whole indicating it to be fascist in beliefs.
  • The League actually believes that they have the support of the UK armed forces (see Ref 1).


  1. WARNING: This page offers a hilariously misguided viewpoint and features strong racism.

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