In England the English Midlands are simply called, "The Midlands". People who live there are called Midlanders. Most of the Midlands are an area which was the kingdom of Mercia in Anglo Saxon times. Midlanders have a distinct dialect and a distinct culture.

William Shakespeare was from Stratford on Avon in the English Midlands. Matthew Boulton and James Watt, helped develop steam power and Josiah Wedgwood helped develop pottery on an industrial scale, they were Midlanders and all three together with other Midlanders were important in the Industrial Revolution. Joseph Priestley who discovered Oxygen and Erasmus Darwin grandfather of Charles Darwin were all Midlanders. [1]

The Midlands is sometimes divided up into the West Midlands and the East Midlands. The largest city in the West Midlands is Birmingham and the largest city in the East Midlands is Nottingham.

People in the West Midlands need to work out how to make their lives more worthwhile and satisfying. [2]


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