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This is the article "Liberal Denial" on Conservapedia

The bullet points:

My; Liberapedia commentary:


Liberal denial is the tendency of liberals to conceal, deny or censor the truth for ideological reasons:[1]


To conceal the truth... oh, right, "the truth shall set you free." The editors refer to liberals a single entity, whereas many of the practitioners of truth-censorship are conservatives.


that liberal leaders engage in shocking wrongdoing, hypocrisy, and abuse of power[1]


Okay, let's try to put this in context. Yes, Eliot Spitzer engaged in those things. Probably a few more unknown private-sector liberals too. And then... oh, yeah, the entire Republican Party! Didn't they do something about violating the Constitution? And didn't the President ban sedition about climate change? And did not the President go into Iraq with no credible evidence as to whether they had WMDs, or were harbouring terrorists? I'd call the needless expense of five hundred American lives to find nothing pretty shocking, wouldn't you? A tad moreso than a sex scandal? Clearly not to conservatives.


that liberals support taxpayer-funded abortion and insist on censorship of classroom prayer[1]


Name five. Please.


that ideas do matter, and can cause great harm, including liberal falsehoods[1]


The editors insist that liberals deny the capacity of ideas? The very ideas that America was founded on were thought up by Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, both very liberal. "Governments are instituted among men to ensure life, liberty, and persuit of happiness?" A person's right to persuit of happiness is clearly infringed by the so-called "family values" that conservatives try to shove on America. Conservapedia's lack of citations evidences a deceit factor.


  1. Conservapedia: Liberal denial

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