Etymology is the study of the origin of words. The origin of the word "conservative" is from the word "con", which means to lie or cheat for personal gain. Some etymologists, however, lean towards a different derivation related to the Latin root "con", which means to be against something. Conservatives are against such things as affordable health care, fuel-efficient vehicles, and nature.

Dissection of "Conservative"Edit

  • "Con:" Beforesaid, to trick for personal gain
  • "Serv:" Either to serve, or a low-class farmer
  • "At:" To be someplace
  • "Ive:" Ivy, presumably poison ivy, that crawls over a perfectly good tree and poisons anyone who touches it with a terrible itchy rash

So the etymology of "Conservative" means "Someone who tricks farmers into touching poison ivy and giving them an itchy rash."

Dissection of "Liberal"Edit

  • "Lib:" To live
  • "Eral:" Greko-Roman: "with common sense"
The etymology of "Liberal" means "Someone who lives with common sense."

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