Female hysteria is the now mostly discredited belief that many of the behaviors which men found annoying were caused by horniness (or randyness, if you prefer that word). The word Hysteria may have originated to refer to what was known at the time as wandering womb syndrome. One of the accepted treatments for female hysteria was medically induced hysterical paroxysm (yes, they actually induced orgasm to treat it).

Belief in Female hysteria persisted well into the 20th Century. Given all the shit women used to be expected to put up with, maybe we shouldn't be surprised.

We owe such things as the vibrator and fainting couch (a piece of furniture designed for the paroxysm inducing treatment by a visiting Doctor) to the belief in female hysteria. Yes, Doctors used to make house calls, I guess we know now why they stopped. It's truly amazing how many things conservatives can't, or refuse to learn.

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