What do you think? Are individuals a product of their environment, their genes, or a combination of both? Feral children are interesting aspects of this debate. A feral child is often defined as a young human being that is either abandoned or confined in some sort of situation that takes them away from any type of human interaction or communication. As a result, these children often lack social skills; even something as simple as speaking can be a skill they never learn. Many of these children are ‘raised’ by other means (usually animals). They simply learn from what they see around them, just as a child would under normal circumstances; it is what they learn that is very different. [1]

A Feral child or wild child is a child that has been said to have been raised by animals.[2][3] A widely-known example of a feral child is Genie, although she wasn't raised by animals.[4][5] The idea of feral children is popular in mythology worldwide[6]. Many cases of feral children are hoaxes, but some of them are real.[7]



  1. 10 Heartbreaking Stories of Feral Children

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