A Fetus is a thing that isn't a baby, no matter how much conservatives insist.

Conservatives are generallly pro-gun, pro-War, pro-death penalty and against Universal Health Care. In other words, once a baby is born, they stop caring so much whether it stays alive.

Pro life activismEdit

To my surprise, there were no talks on advocating for healthcare or childcare access. Instead, we heard a series of lectures on how chastity was important in promoting a “culture of life.” They urged that if we had committed this grave mortal sin that we should repent. I had a hard time understanding how me personally not having sex was directly tied to saving lives. I worked in leadership roles with six major pro-life organizations. Consistently and to my extreme frustration, the other leaders seemed far more interested in promoting chastity than in doing anything that would actually result in fewer abortions. [1]

See alsoEdit


  1. Confessions of a Former Pro-Life Activist

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