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Everyone knows Adolf Hitler committed suicide by gunshot in his underground bunker on April 30, 1945.

At least, that has been the conventional wisdom.

Now comes WND senior staff reporter Jerome R. Corsi's new book, "Hunting Hitler: New Scientific Evidence That Hitler Escaped Germany."

Examining newly declassified FBI and U.S. military intelligence files, Corsi makes a compelling case that U.S. investigators suspected from the beginning Hitler had escaped in a U-530 German submarine.

For political purposes, the evidence indicates, they were willing to go along with the cover story that in the final days of World War II.

Hitler supposedly married his mistress, Eva Braun, and the two took their lives in a joint-suicide ritual just before the Soviet army entered Berlin.

But the truth is, no one actually saw Hitler commit suicide. There are no photographs documenting a joint suicide of Hitler and Eva Braun.

And the bodies of the two were never recovered or preserved for positive identification.

In 2009, Dr. Corsi pointed out, Nicholas Bellatoni, the Connecticut state archaeologist, was allowed by the Russian Federation State Archive in Moscow to examine skull fragments.

The Russians have claimed for decades these skull fragments are proof Hitler committed suicide.

Bellatoni's startling findings prompted Corsi to investigate further.

Dr. Corsi said, "What caused me to question Hitler's suicide was Bellatoni's DNA analysis that proved conclusively the skull fragments belonged not to Hitler. But rather, they belonged to a 40-year-old woman unrelated to Eva Braun."

In his book, "Hunting Hitler," Dr. Corsi say Adolph Hitler made his way to Argentina with the help of U.S. intelligence agents who had been secretly working with the Nazis since 1943.

Allen Dulles at that time was an agent of the Office of Strategic Services, or OSS, the predecessor agency to the CIA.

Dulles was communicating secretly with top Nazis from his office in Bern, Switzerland, according to Corsi.

In his book Dr. Corsi brings to light many troubling questions, including:

• Why were the Americans unable to obtain physical evidence of Hitler's remains after the Russians absconded with his body?

• Why did both Stalin and Eisenhower doubt Hitler's demise?

• Why did nobody in Hitler's bunker hear any shots fired?

• Did U.S. intelligence agents in Europe, including the OSS and Allen Dulles (who later headed the CIA under President Eisenhower), aid Hitler's escape as they did with so many other Nazis?

• Argentinean media reported Hitler arrived in the country and it continued to report his presence. Why have the findings not made it to the US?

Dr. Corsi relies on autopsy reports, interrogation transcripts, documents from Soviet archives, CIA reports, extensive research in the National Archives and Records Administration in Washington, D.C., and in College Park, Md., and more to back up his case.

Did U.S. intelligence help Hitler get away?

His evidence is shockingly abundant, and his clear argument lends credence to a new theory that disembowels the double-suicide narrative.

"The story Hitler and Eva Braun committed suicide was a cover story, designed by U.S. intelligence agents at the end of World War II to facilitate the escape not only of Hitler and Eva Braun, but also of top Nazi war criminals such as Adolf Eichmann who was discovered in 1960 hiding in Argentina," Corsi argued.

He presents documentary evidence Allen Dulles' wartime mission in Switzerland included helping Martin Bormann, Hitler's secretary, to funnel billions of dollars of Nazi ill-gotten financial gain out of Germany and invest in the U.S. and Argentinean stock markets to provide a financial cushion to survive in hiding after the war.

In the National Archives at College Park, Corsi discovered a clipping from the U.S. military newspaper "The Stars and Stripes" published Oct. 8, 1945, reporting a shocking statement made by General Dwight D. Eisenhower, then the supreme commander of the Allied Forces.

The short piece read: "There is 'reason to believe' that Hitler may still be alive, according to a remark made by Gen. Eisenhower to Dutch newspapermen. The general's statement reversed his previous opinion that Hitler was dead."

Dr. Corsi asks why Eisenhower's shocking claim has gone largely unreported in U.S. newspapers and history books even until today. We wonder the same thing. For that matter, with the current major news media in the tank for Obama, it kind of makes you wonder how many Obama administration horror stories will be declassified 50 years from today.

NOTE: This video was made with permission and based on an original story published in ...and view more videos on our website at: http://Clean.TV

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