A map of Finland.

Finland is a democratic country in the Scandinavian region of northern Europe in the European Union. Finland is about three times as large as the US state of Ohio but has fewer than 6 million inhabitants. As with the rest of the EU Finland is a representative democracy and has had both a woman President and a woman Prime Minister.

In 2018 Finland opened up a Game of Thrones themed style Hotel[1]


Finland was in historically a part of Sweden, Russia and the Soviet Union before becoming independent in 1917.


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Countries with best performance in education amongst developed countries (OECD members)

Finland is famous for its successful educational system. Finnish school students are among world's top performers.

Natural beautyEdit

There are many forests, rivers, lakes and marshy areas where people think is unspoilt naturally beauty. Most of Finland is low lying. Finland is far to the north and part of Finland is within the Arctic Circle. In the far north of Finland allegedly the sun does not set for ten weeks during the summer and does not rise for eight weeks during the winter. When it's dark the Northern lights can be beautiful and people go to some trouble to see it. [2] [3]

Well beingEdit

  1. The Positive side: The Finns are generally happy and satisfied with their lives.
  2. The Negative side: Despite the natural beauty of their country the Finns don't look after the environment as well as perhaps they should and leave a large ecological footprint.[4]

In Popular CultureEdit

Monty Python wrote a song about this fine country, please listen to excellent song "Finland". The lyrics for the song can be found here

In a season 13 episode of South Park, Finland is bombed by every other country in the world [5] for attempting to return stolen space cash to an alien life force. When questioned about the bombing of Finland by the space aliens, a Chinese man says "Aww no! Not Finrand!"

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    If you want to write well for wikis sometimes you have to be a bit skeptical about your sources.
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