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Freedom or Liberty means the ability to do whatever you like when you want to and choosing for yourself what you do long as you don’t do harm or restrict the freedom of other People. Freedom means people in power can’t stop you from doing reasonable things. Freedom means living in a Democracy where you can play your part to choose your rulers. [1] Freedom is the birthright of every man, woman, and child.

Liberal understanding of Freedom Edit

A Liberal may feel that Freedom or Liberty means being able to do whatever you like whenever you like, and choosing for yourself what you do. However, Liberals believe that Freedom or Liberty comes with corresponding responsibilities, and believe that people's individual, as well as common rights and property must be protected. Liberals believe that, for pragmatic reasons, we've created government to preserve and protect those rights and that property. So, if you want to be able to do anything you want regardless of the consequences and not be held accountable for the harm you've caused, you're probably a Conservative or a Libertarian, don't expect any sympathy from Liberals.

Liberal understanding of economic freedom Edit

Liberals generally advocate the right of all individuals to freely participate in the economy. This includes Free markets and free enterprise, but again Liberals recognize that with freedom comes responsibility. Liberals support economic freedom, so long as the practices do no harm to rights, property, and freedom of others. Liberals believe that government exists to protect and promote our freedoms, and to ensure our safety. Liberals do not advocate restrictive regulation, and should use care to avoid regulations which unnecessarily burden small enterprises and become barrier to market entry. Liberals should recognize that regulation which are appropriate for larger enterprises can easily become an extreme burden to small enterprise and especially to micro enterprise due to economies of scale.


Freedom means the state protects you from bullies. Religious bullies hurt people in the name of God. [2] Believers in the supernatural try and destroy your freedom and say some god, gods, spirits other supernatural something-or-other doesn't like you to do what you are doing. Conservative Christians try and destroy your freedom even when what you want to do causes no harm.

Bullies can also mean bosses who give you hardly any pay and make you work in bad conditions for long hours. Bullies can mean other types of People as well.


Conservatives say they fight for freedom. In reality, this is propaganda. Conservatives hardly want freedom for ordinary people. They want a society where personal freedom is strictly controlled, and rich, corrupt plutocrats are able to exploit everyone, blaming the people's suffering, especially poor people's suffering on laziness. Libertarianism is about giving Rich strong groups the freedom to take advantage of ordinary people.


Freedom means you can do edits you think are right on a wiki that suits you. Liberals are free here. Conservatives can perhaps be free on other websites. Nobody except Andrew Schlafly is free on Conservapedia.

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  1. What Freedom Means to Me
  2. Religious bullies can be men who say they are men of God and think you should be punished for your Sins. Women can also become bullies, Nuns in the Roman Catholic Church are often bullies, see Magdalene laundry for one example. Protestant or Roman Catholic women in charge of children can become bullying and punishing when they are convinced they are doing the work of God. Some just use religion as an excuse for sadistic punishment. When the men/women of God do harm nobody punishes them in the United States.)