We sometimes like to mix parody and satire with good information. We know you're smart enough to tell the difference.

Definition Edit

(Stolen from the OReillian practice of labelling everything with "Freedom" so critics can be asked, "Why do you hate freedom so much?") Any idea that Neo-Cons are sure to criticize gets tagged with "Freedom" somewhere in the name so that you can turn the tables on the critic and say, "Why do you hate freedom so much?"

Usage Edit

Adjective= Freedom Death Count, Freedom Protest, Freedom Article about how the Fag Haters Stole the Election, etc.

Noun = Anything even vaguely resembling something from the Bill of Rights:

free speech = freedom

right to vote = freedom

Similar Usage Edit

Patriot, America, God, etc.

Comments and Suggestions Edit

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Adapted from dKospoedia, Freedom Tagging

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