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French fries are what the British people call chips. American Republicans were upset when France opposed Dubya’s war with Iraq. Then they started calling French fries, “Freedom fries”. Republicans think other Sovereign countries shouldn’t have the Freedom to oppose the United States. Therefore French fries became freedom fries. All that seems to make sense to Republicans.

Unhealthy eatingEdit

French fries, freedom fries, chips, whatever they're called tend to be very unhealthy. What's the difference anyway? They're potatoes deep fried in Fat, you eat them dripping with fat and loaded with calories. If you buy them ready cooked the chances are the firm that sells them uses cheap fat rather than healthy fat. That means too many ready cooked fries can clog up the arteries in your heart and shorten your life. Freedom fries??? Freedom from what??? Well Dubya, Bob Ney and Neal Rowland can't have meant freedom from Obesity or heart disease.

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