Bill O'Reilly is the DUNDERHEAD who enjoys YELLLING AT HIS GUESTS SINCE THEY ARE SPINNING IN THE NO SPIN ZONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His show, The O'Reilly Factor has such "high" ratings since the unintelligent portion of America tunes in and watches that RUBBISH! O'Reilly frequently YELLS AT HIS GUESTS for EXPRESSING OPPOSING VIEWPOINTS and are often interrupted. He has also written a few books that, quite contrary to popular belief, have not made the New York Times bestseller list since they contain so much truth. He also enjoys SUCKING HIS THUMB and is in love with Rush Limbaugh. O'Reilly was born in a cave to a GEICO caveman and some other person in that cave staying the night. He is quite a primitive Homo sapiens because of this, thus this explains his TENDENCY TO INTERRUPT PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!! He also enjoys drinking bacon grease and dreaming about Limbaugh.

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