Citizendium, like Wikipedia, is a conservative wiki based on the participation of "experts", but not just the Ph.D. kind. Even those who edit Wikipedia, people who think spaghetti always comes in a can, and nerdy guys who study sciences since the girl of their dreams want nothing to do with them, like this guy. That is Citizendium's qualification of "expert". And all articles are Conservatively biased.

It is a copy of Wikipedia, which consists of a majority of the same user base. It has the same bias as Wikipedia and Conservapedia, so really serves no purpose, but to call itself "professional" and "expert written", with their loose interpretation of the word "expert". However, a group of non-experts, called "authors" may join if they give Sanger all their personal information. But since authors are not "experts", all they can do is jack squat. So, it's Nupedia all over again. But with more conservative bias. And Larry uses all personal information for certain purposes, so don't join.

CZ has over 10,000 articles in 3 years, greatly falling short of its expectations. And only 4 of them are "expert" approved.

See AlsoEdit

  • Citizendium-A tad more fair perspective of Citizendium and a link to check out their awful site if you really want to waste your time on those filthy conservatives.
  • Conservapedia-Virtually exact copy
  • Uncyclopedia-Close copy
  • Wikipedia-Exact copy

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