We like some jokes in Liberapedia.
We exaggerate just a little sometimes.
Conservapedia, the union of conservatives, is an evil wiki that makes up some stupid, twisted reality. It has less than 3 articles. It was started by married preschool couple Andy Schlafly and Glenn Beck. It has made some ridiculous claims and the site loves banning killing people.


Conservapedia is also known for being a Bible freak organization with a quote appearing on the Main Page, but Beck has no problem and Schlafly loves it. Meh, it wasn't worth mentioning.


Conservapedia was started by Beck and Schlafly plus some people they were homeschooling that were over 10 years older than them. It has an extreme conservative bias and contains much truth. All contributors, except for the smart stupid are banned killed for either being a sockpuppet or being a fascist.

Some Outrageous Claims Made By ConservapediaEdit

"Love can only be shared between Christians and their almighty Creator, God."- {{{2}}}

"Homosexuality has caused the economic crisis since God is punishing us for immorality."- {{{2}}} "Bill O'Reilly is a form of God."- {{{2}}}

"Wikipedia is over 673456560 times more liberal than the American public"- {{{2}}}

"Andy is supreme authority"- {{{2}}}

"Obama hypnotized people to vote for him."- {{{2}}}

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